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Hammr Bass & Chords

Developed as part of the HamMR suite with organ supremo Mikey Rowe , Bass & Chords is the 400mb cut down "home keyboard" version of the mighty HamMR+ and the HamMR Growler.

This little monster features...

  • The bottom octave of a Mikeys 1959 Hammond B3 played at full tilt through an overloaded full speed Leslie cabinet.

  • 5 x 15 second round robin samples per note from two mic positions.

  • One octave of major chords mapped per note

  • One octave of minor chords mapped per note

  • Adjustable volume, ADSR, pan and vibrato controls per articulation.

  • Overall EQ.

  • Leslie simulator and reverb on chord articulations.

  • A hidden extra.... watch the video for details

  • Works in FULL Kontakt 4 and 5.

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