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Phytoplanktonic system music tinkles

A complex multi sequencer per note

5 FX sequencer lanes per note

Selectable sound per note (sine, EP, sponge piano, metal, glass, Hammond)

2 round robin modes to cycle between different sounds + dropout seeding

Scale and key quantizer with unique quantized pitch wheel

11 algorithmic playback engines on 72 keys

Hard to explain - intuitive to use

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and above

NEKTON - from the Greek: νηκτόν, "to swim"

The name plankton is derived from the Greek adjective πλαγκτός (planktos), meaning errant, and by extension, wanderer or drifter

PLANKTON SONAR is also a friendly Kontakt device for building beautiful, organic system music and deep undersea pinging ripples.

Like a warm ocean of diaphanous Crustacea, looping, colliding and generating harmonized polyrhythms PLANKTON SONAR is easy to use (once you get your head around it) and a quick way of creating gorgeous and unexpected results. Multiple sound sources, amorphous sequencers, cunning algorithms and a unique pitch/scale quantizer.

The magic is here_tiny .png

Each note of the sequence section (coloured keys) has its own sound engine (with a choice of 6 sounds) and a note sequencer with variable length and playrate.

Each note (the coloured keys) also has its own suite of effects and 5 FX sequencing lanes for 16 different FX parameters.

A reverb unite per note with 122 Custom IMPULSE RESPONSES create natural and impossible spaces. Hybrid IR's can transform a piano into a cowbell, high hat or radio interference. DRONE IR's add layers of ghostly tuned reverb.

Unique scale & key quantizer, with 24 types, can be automated and retunes the whole instrument to a selected key and scale.

An even more unique pitch wheel function scans the sequences through notes of the selected key and scale in real time.

PLANKTON SONAR_scales_tiny.png

'Fantastically useful, beautiful and completely mad - already using it in the new SLOW HORSES soundtrack' - Pablo and James from TOYDRUM - makers the coolest soundtracks in the biz

Van Delay made a gorgeous album PALACIO DEL PASATIEMPO using almost entirely PLANKTON as the main sound source  - it means Hobby Palace : )

The SOUNDS - clear and pure (ish)

SINE - analogue staccato sine patch from Moog Voyager - 3 variations

EP - Hohner Pianet T + Wurlitzer electric piano with 3 variations

SPONGE PIANO - sponge muted Cramer upright piano - 3 subtle effect variations

GLASS - hybrid celeste based instrument with 3 variations

METAL - hybrid Dulcitone based instrument with 3 variations

HAMMOND B3 - staccato Hammond organ with Leslie variation

Sounds are stacked in octaves and variation per sequencer key :  lower velocity = lower octave, higher velocity = higher octave

Select a different sound per sequencer key.

2 round-robin modes that cycle around the sounds per sequencer key.

Dropout mode that 'seeds' the playback probability of a sequencer.


For FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and above

PLANKTON SONAR will load into Kontakt Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

£50/$70/€58 (inc VAT) for PLANKTON SONAR instant download

What's Inside ?

PLANKTON SONAR - the small print

1.7 GB download

12 note sequencers

12 FX sequencers with 5 lanes

Scale and key quantizer includes Pitch Wheel

24 scale types

6 octaves of articulations

72 articulator engines with 11 algorithms

2000 samples

199 snapshots

100 presets

1 Kontakt instrument

Huge, non-fiddly GUi

Classic Sound Dust RTFM instruction manual built into interface

12 sequencers-keys c5 to b5
  • 1 sequencer per note

  • 6 sounds per note

  • Sequence lanes for sample select, quantized pitch, decay and velocity

  • 5 FX lanes selectable from 16 FX destinations

  • Multiple play rates

  • 1 to 64 steps

  • Swing, drag and humanize controls

  • 2 round robin types and dropout control

  • 36 scale types

  • 12 keys

  • Unique quantized pitch wheel scans through scale

  • automation friendly

ARTICULATORS- keys c-1 to b4
  • 1 algorithmic articulator engine per note

  • 11 algorithms

  • Flam, Drag, Ruff, Roll, Buzz, 16ths, 8ths, ALGOs 1 to 4

Independent FX PER note
  • Volume

  • Soft ( attack time)

  • Sample start

  • Pan

  • Transient Designer - attack & sustain

  • Filth - tube or transistor saturation

  • Bits - bit depth & sample rate

  • Flanger

  • Delay

  • Convolution reverb


  • 122 custom IRs per note


  • DRONE sections add tuned drone sounds

  • Controls for every articulation

  • Volume, Pan, IR mix and Snap

  • Master low and high pass filters

  • Master IR reverb unit

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