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DUST ENGINE #2 square .png


Naive and guileless lo-fi for shimmering underscore and underdog beauty

Who needs presets ?

An experiment in chaos

for FULL version of Kontakt 6.7.1 and above


DUST ENGINE #2 is a uniquely quirky combination of odd chaotic synths and sparkling acoustic haze.

It doesn't even play the same sound every time !

4 articulations knitted from rare & weird hardware synths, glistening piano loops, maudlin trumpet and looped guitar, all mangled together with unlikely sampling to create a gorgeous gossamer haze or deep low miasma.

Inside the easy-to-use interface are 4 cunningly curated, interlocking articulations plus handy FX to quickly build the perfect sound for your sonic universe.

DUST ENGINE #2 is a liberation from preset hell that just wants to be explored - use the patch randomizers to get you started.


the sounds
A curated selection of electro & acoustic that SIT TOGETHER BEAUTIFULLY
Long evolving samples of every note with interesting loops, multiple velocity layers and unlikely happenings.


Hammond 102200  + Dave Smith Evolver

4 chaotic round robins with 2 x Evolver patches and 2 x Hammond Synth patches.

Each note could be one of the four sounds, and you never know which you'll get.

All recorded through a Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII for organic burble.

DUST ENGINE #2_ intrument 2 collage SQ.png


A BPM synced murmuration of multiple piano loops and plastic trumpet.

DUST ENGINE #2_ intrument 1 collage SQ.png
DUST ENGINE #2_ intrument 3 collage SQ.png


A freeform gauze of piano and Gretsch guitar loops.

Dave Smith Evolver close 1.png


Deep deep analogue or gritty digital sub bass from DSi Evolver.

the interface
Some handy controls to build your universe

DUST ENGINE #2- articulations 1 to 3.png


Sample start control + 3 volume faders, one for each articulation.

DUST ENGINE #2- analogue sub.png
DUST ENGINE #2- digital sub.png


click the dot for analogue or crispy digital.

DUST ENGINE #2- tape + glue.png

TAPE and GLUE controls

These controls beautifully interact to squash and breathe an organic, filthy wholeness into everything .

''Sound Dust makes one of the strongest arguments for the sampler as a true, expressive instrument. The care, creativity, quirkiness & MUSICALITY found in all their instruments has led to many inspiring moments for me. Highly recommended.'


TRENT REZNOR - Nine Inch Nails, The Social Network, Gone Girl, Soul,The Killer

What's Inside ?
  • One Kontakt.nki instrument(Kontakt 6)

  • NO SNAPSHOTS - you don't need them - YOU REALLY DON'T

  • 5 electronic and acoustic hybrid articulations

  • mix randomizer

  • 600MB download (NCW compressed)

  • Multimode humanized ARP/sequencer - 16 TYPES

  • Sample start fader

  • Keyboard velocity sensitivity adjustment

  • patch randomizers for articulations and vol envelope

  • Note attack speed control

  • Note release control

  • volume envelope randomizer

  • Multimode glue control

  • Transient, tape, delay and distortion effect

  • Three band EQ

  • Thump control for beefy bottom

  • A hint of room reverb

  • Replika delay and high quality algorithmic reverb

  • All controls will show up in DAW automation

  • requires FULL Kontakt 6.7.1 or above

Requires a FULL version of Kontakt 6.7 or above.

DUST ENGINE #2 will load into Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

£25/$35/€30 (inc VAT) for DUST ENGINE #2

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