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LOOP POOL - Percussion



​An infinity of eccentric rhythm texture devised in a unique collaboration with Grammy winning percussion maestro and composer Marcio Doctor.


3 sample sets - BAM & TSCHAK, MOONDOG generator and GROOVEPOOL

60 Kontakt instruments (K5 & K6 versions)

1055 synced stem loops

100 full loops curated by Marcio and Sound Dust

1.5 GB total size

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and/or 6.4.2

Who ?

Marcio Doctor is a percussionist and composer with a finely tuned ear for texture and groove. Originally from Argentina and now settled in Hamburg, he has travelled the world and amassed an amazing collection of crazy things to hit that make great noises. For this project Marcio carefully selected the most appropriate and some times most eclectic of his instruments to build a huge collection of complimentary grooves and rhythm textures.  Bombo and Tan Tan for beautiful low rounded thud, Riq and various tambourines for snare like grooves, unlikely metal and glass objects for high-end clatter...and a wooden stool ! (see full list below)

So, a Sound Dust collaboration with Marcio couldn't be anything but really, really exciting.

LOOP POOL PERCUSSION pours more than 1000 Marcio loops into the LOOP POOL engine to create a sample instrument with literally a gazillion rhythm and texture possibilities.

Always synced to the BPM of your DAW, you can intuitively trigger, time slip and morph samples with mod wheel and keyboard to create beautiful and bonkers percussive adventures. LOOP POOL PERCUSSION is an unexpected and refreshing alternative to epic drum imperialism and could be your new groovy secret weapon.

Why ?

This is an out of the ordinary sample library partly inspired by the very out of the ordinary MOONDOG - the legendary 'Viking of 6th Avenue'. You may not have heard of him, but if you are interested in the coffee stained groove of Tom Waits, the wonky blues of Captain Beefheart, or the visionary cacophony of Harry Partch you will love him and his very strange story.

A very innovative way to create variation in the patterns cross-fading between the layers. I just love the way everything is recorded, it has that vibe-y sound that I like so much.

Johannes Ringen  -  Avengers- Age of Ultron, Fast and Furious 7, Norsemen


Marcios instruments

Bombo, crash cymbals stacks, cup chimes stack, floor toms, small, medium and large frame drums, flight case kick, Riq, seed pods, tiny and large tambourines, Tan Tan, trash splash stack, woodblock, bike seat, metal Reco-Reco, bamboo brushes, tiny bells, various Caxixis and shakers, cymbal brush, marbles, bamboo Reco-reco, soft shaker, steel container, tin resonator, triangles, Congas, high and low wooden drums, wooden stool, ceramic tile, small and medium gongs, Kanjira, pie dish, bells, cowbells, custom-made metal slit drum, aluminium tube, singing bowl.

All these grooves and effects were played either with different drumsticks, soft, medium and hard mallets, brushes, chopsticks, metal beaters or using different finger and hand playing techniques.

LOOP POOL PERCUSSION is about hitting any note and hearing what happens when you mod wheel through four BPM synced stem variations. With the unique time funnel feature that adjusts playback speed per layer a single note can be very fertile ground indeed. Add more notes for more inspiration and rhythmic interplay.

Reverse loops with the play head control and stretch single loops across the whole keyboard with the note lock. Use legato to start a new loop from where you left the last one and offset to adjust the groove of each and every stem

Every control can be DAW automated or midi learned for complex processing and jamming.

​'In short, Loop Pool Percussion is a triumph! It puts a whole new spin on using rhythmic loops which gives a wealth of control to the user and lends itself incredibly well to experimentation and play. The particular quality of the sounds is very appealing – not over produced.' SAM BURT - SAMPLE LIBRARY REVIEW