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A huge pool of organic and analogue building blocks squeezed into a cunning BPM synced morphing device. Use your mod wheel and keyboard to intuitively build an infinity of urgent, thrilling and unique underscore (and overscore) from scratch.

1 Kontakt instrument (K5 & K6 versions) with 283 synced loops

an additional 500+ .wav loop full mix & stems for your DAW

1.7 GB total size - 1.5GB download

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and/or 6.1.1

BOOM & BUST is handcrafted from deep and broken organically generated sound sources.

Space Echo self osculation, distorted 808, bust up drum kits and bent cymbals, thumb piano, Voyager, Theremin, Dfam, binaurally recorded found sounds, electrostatic crackle, lovely wooden egg shakers, infinite guitar, dust piano, snow, fireworks, ghostly footsteps, softly beaten cello, nefaraphone, musical saw, stethoscope and many other unlikely sources.

Nothing in BOOM & BUST was born inside a computer, only analogue synths and real world sounds recorded through mics and processed through tape, spring reverbs, modular kit, valves, transformers and crunched transistors

In addition to the sounds in the Kontakt instrument there is a pool of 500+ 24bit .wav loops to drop directly into your DAW or sampler for extra abuse, warping and sound design.

'So many surprises across keys.

Wiggle that mod wheel.

Use NOTE LOCK ON to make melodies.

Explore convolution spatial effects.

Indulge in glitchy abundance.

Use buzzwords like "cinematic" and "epic" AND MEAN IT.'

Torley tells it like it is


The glorious and madly creative forte of BOOM & BUST is in hitting any note and real-time morphing through four BPM synced stem variations with the mod wheel (or CC1). Then add other notes for more synced stem variations and more morphing. Bottom part of the keyboard is where the booms live and things get 'lighter' as you move up the keyboard for 6 octaves. 

Reverse loops with the play head control and stretch single loops across the whole keyboard with the note lock. Use legato to start a new loop from where you left the last one - all perfectly synced with your track.

Every control can be DAW automated or midi learned for complex processing and jamming.

FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and/or 6.1.1 needed

BOOM & BUST will load into Kontakt Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

£40/$56/46€ (inc VAT) for BOOM & BUST instant download

What's Inside ?

BOOM & BUST - the small print

1.7GB total size - 1.5GB download

inc 500+ .wav loops for your DAW

1 Kontakt instrument (for Kontakt 5.8 and Kontakt 6.1.1)

Absolutely no snapshots - you'll see why

Classic Sound Dust RTFM instruction manual built into interface

 Waveform section
  • Mod wheel hardwired to loop group  morphing (or use CC1) - all tempo synced

  • Time Funnel - set temp synced playback speed per morph group

  • 4 loops per key over 6 octaves

  • Sample offset per note/loop

  • Real-time waveform display

  • Snap control 1/32 to Bar

  • Master volume control - cc map-able (handy instead of aftertouch for expression)

  • Velocity to volume control

  • Pitch bend depth - from 1 semitone to 12

  • Aftertouch to volume control - for handy expression control

  • Volume attack, decay, sustain and release

  • Forward and reverse play direction

  • Note lock control - spreads last played note across whole keyboard for crazy old school sampling.

  • Trem Chaos - randomises tremolo LFO shape (but still tempo synced)

  • Legato - sets sample set to legato mode - new note play continues from last note position

  • Precise readout of XY pad control values

  • Convolution impulse select - 80 custom-made IRs - 8 categories- 10 impulses per category

XY pad
  • Low and high pass filter

  • Transient Designer

  • Convolution - amount dry X - amount wet Y

  • Solid G equaliser - 1 band = 600 hz to 7 khz- frequency X - amount Y

  • Midi learn triangles - for external controllers to learn XY pucks

  • Tape saturation gain

  • On/off and reset controls per effect (click effect icon)

  • all controls read and write DAW automation

Kontakt 6 version
  • Replika delay - 5 amazing sounding delay machine types

  • 20 Replika delay presets

  • 500 themed loop pack- 24bit 4 bar loops = 1.1GB

  • Full mix & single 'instrument' stems that can be added to each other for millions of tonal and rhythmic variation

  • Kicks, snares, throbs, fx, high and low percussion and filthy organic instrumentation

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