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Modular Chaos Engine #2 - a hybrid drum machine for Kontakt VST

Modular Chaos Engine#2.1-evolved


An analogue chaotic drum machine for a chaotic analogue world

1500+ original 24bit samples

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above.

It's probably fairly obvious by the blueness and the title that this machine is based on the strange and rather wonderful analogue/digital masterpiece that is Dave Smiths' Evolver. I LOVE this synth, in a sterile world it oozes personality. Modular Chaos Engine#2.1 takes hundreds of sounds from this beast and moulds them into a highly interactive and serendipitous 'drum' device that can help you quickly create new and unexpected beats, breaks and rhythms that you just didn't know you had in you.


This Chaos Engine has up to 120 different sounds/articulations per sequence node which are very loosely mapped across the keys from low kick drum type sounds through snappy snare type sounds up to more clicky, rattly hats and then the mildly melodic sounds up near the top end of the key range.

Whats Inside ?
  • Boom Engine page - 12 user programmable, key triggered patterns with 12 tracks per pattern. Up to 120 percussive sounds available per note.

  • Blap Engine page - 12 user programmable, key triggered patterns with 12 tracks per pattern. 21 pitched sounds available per note (K5 only).

  • One Shot Kit page -5 octaves of programmable one shot kits with chaos and order parameter randomisation control.

  • Sends and Master FX page - control of master levels, master EQ and Transient designer (K5 only).

  • 1500+ original 24bit samples.

  • Instrument presets (.nki's) for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5.

  • 2 Vintage sampler emulation preset modes  (K5 only).

  • Boom/Blap Engines - drawable, per note control of: sound selection, volume, reverb send, hold time, low pass filter, pan, sample start, tune, compression, bit reduction. (K5 only).

  • Boom/Blap Engines - sound selection chaos control (K5 only).

  • Boom/Blap Engines - timing chaos control (K5 only).

  • Boom/Blap Engines - 'remix' control with 32 loop variations.

  • Boom/Blap Engines - 16 or 32 beats per track selection.

  • Boom/Blap Engines - solo & mute per sound.

  • Boom/Blap Engines - copy/paste of patterns & tracks.

  • Boom Engine - tube and transistor distortion.

  • Blap Engine - tape saturation.

  • Swing amount control for extra hippity hoppity per engine.

  • One Shot Kits - individually editable note articulations with jitter, release, flam, drag, ruff, roll, muted, speed roll & Geiger settings

  • One Shot Kits - per note control of reverb send, pitch, high & low pass filters, volume attack & decay, volume & pan.

  • Built in instruction manual in RTFM tab.

Evolved#1.1 needs a FULL version of Kontakt 5 and will not run in Kontakt 4, but there is still the original version #1 which runs in both Kontakt 4 & 5. Please don't buy this if you are using Kontakt Player.

£25/$40/35€ (inc VAT) for Modular Chaos Engine #1.1 (and version #1.0) instant download.

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