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Expanded Hammond Organ sample library for Kontakt VST



Re-inventing the (tone)wheel

Oasis keyboardist Mikey Rowe's Hammond B3 with some new additions.

Goes where no Hammond has gone before.

1GB download

70 presets including 30 classic sounds

for FULL version of Kontakt 4 or above.

Hammr+ is one part of the Hammr Suite a classic tonewheel organ sample set developed with Oasis/Sheryl Crow keyboard player Mikey Rowe and recorded by genius Andy Britton at the very lovely Toyroom Studios here in Brighton.

You'd be right in thinking that the last thing the world needs is another Hammond clone, and I would be the first to agree,  but the Hammr+ is a little different.

Of course, she oozes classic character and has all the capabilities you'd expect of a tonewheel organ, but in true Sound Dust style this thing moves way past the limitations of the original. By taking advantage of sampling technology, bespoke Kontakt architecture and a little bit of imagination Hammr+ can do things that were inconceivable in the original 1959 instrument.

What's Inside ?
  • Every note of every drawbar of an unmentionable tonewheel organ sampled for 7 secs through a 1959 Leslie cabinet for around 1GB of uncompressed samples.

  • Individual control of volume, pan, ADSR, vibrato, saturation (amount, bass and tone)  and tremolo (speed, fade and depth ) for every drawbar.

  • Percussion 2nd and 3rds available at the same time, with control of octave and decay time.

  • Note off volume and decay control.

  • Velocity sensitivity control.

  • CC11 hardwired to volume for expression pedal swells.

  • Leslie simulator with speed, treble/bass balance and distance controls.

  • 69 specially recorded reverb impulses from a variety of real spaces and classic gear.

  • Cabinet re-micing through a choice of 11 speaker cabinets.

  • Dirt, morphing EQ and master EQ effects.

  • Dirty contacts control adds small amounts of timing variation to note on /off  to mimic the effects of ageing key contacts.

  • 70 presets including 30 classic sounds.

  • Chaos and reset controls for painless sound design.

  • Master/slave control system for quick adjustment of group controls.

  • Built in user manual.

  • It sounds great !

FULL version of Kontakt 4 or above needed.

Hammr+ will load into Kontakt Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

£30/$43/38€ (inc VAT) for Hammr+ instant download

Hammr Bundle

Hammr+ & Hammr Growler (full price £60)

£50/$80/70€ (inc VAT) for Hammr Bundle instant download

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