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felt dulcitone


A completely re-sampled Dulcitone 1900 with a thin strip of carpet tucked under the hammers.

Stunningly beautiful clunk and clank

Every note sampled with 10 levels of velocity x 4 round robins

Sample start control for de-clunking

Octave up layer, note off and vinyl crackle

Sampled binaurally with Jecklin disc and contact mics

Multimode humanized ARP with midi drag and drop

Gorgeous reverb and delay

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above


FELT DULCITONE is a new, magical keyboard instrument, a refreshing alternative to the tired and overused standards (I'm looking at you triple felt piano). Organic and packed with character, FELT DULCITONE has an otherworldly presence and warmth that feels personal, like the loving nuzzle of a furry pet in front of a crackling open fire.

FD collage 1b.png

Originally designed and manufactured in Scotland in the 1800's, and with allegedly only 2000 in existence, a DULCITONE is a portable keyboard that was made for missionaries to hump around remote African village churches to help perk up hymn services. It has a very basic piano action with spring-loaded felt covered hammers striking small magnet shaped tuning forks. Like a Fender Rhodes electric piano without electricity, with a very lovely woody, clonky glockenspiel/celesta kind of sound.

To build FELT DULCITONE a layer of felt carpet was squashed under the rudimentary hammer mechanism of an unsuspecting 120-year-old Dulcitone.
Every note recorded at 10 velocity levels with 4 round robins.
Binaural recording with Jecklin Disc and Rode NT55 mics.
Low end thump captured with Zeppelin Cortado MKIII contact mics.
What's Inside ?
  • 1 Kontakt 6 instrument + Kontakt 5 instrument
  • 24 snapshots - you will soon be making your own
  • 10 layers of velocity per note with 4 round robins per note
  • Binaural samples recorded with Jecklin Disc technique
  • 509MB download (NCW compressed from 1.6GB sample pool)
  • Sample start position control
  • Main volume plus Octave up volume control
  • Note off volume
  • Vinyl crackle volume control
  • Attack and release control
  • Multimode humanized ARP/sequencer
  • Drag and drop midi recorder
  • Keyboard velocity sensitivity adjustment
  • Voice stack mode for up to eight notes at once
  • Insert Effects: transient master, tape, EQ, guitar pedal, low end thump, room IR reverb
  • Replika delay and 3 high quality algorithmic reverbs  
  • All controls will show up in DAW automation
  • requires FULL Kontakt 6.7.1or above

FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above needed

FELT DULCITONE will load into Kontakt Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

£40/$50/45€ (inc VAT) for FELT DULCITONE instant download

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