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Flutter EP

electronic piano module


Pseudo electric piano wavetables, looping and beautiful chaos

Steve Reich in a punch up with Trent Reznor

1.7GB (compressed) 24bit stereo samples

120 presets + 58 wavetable snapshots created from 12 imagined electric piano and organ multi sample sets

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above.

Flutter EP is an electric piano like you've never heard before.

She is packed to the brim with specially devised samples made from a variety of slutty analogue hardware synths and keyboards. All sample sets morph and loop through various transitions for a mind-boggling selection of unique but Wurly-ish, Rhodes-y, organ-esque, DX like electric piano type sounds....but of course there is a twist which makes her very different.

Think Radiohead, Jon Hopkins, Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds or maybe Steve Reich in a fist fight with Trent Reznor.

The main interface is divided into 12 parts which (if you look hard enough) show the octave of a keyboard starting at C on the left. Each column gives individual parameter control for each corresponding note of the six octave range, whatever you do to the C column affects all of the Cs and nothing else.


You get volume envelope, pan, low and high pass filter, filter lfo speed and shape, and 3 effects sends but in Flutter they can be different for every note of the octave. There is the same per note control of sample start, loop start and loop time, all controllable in real-time!

Flutter has a special trigger mode for each individual note over 6 octaves which can set BPM synced note repeats from 64ths to bars (inc triplets). The wavetable version adds a master trigger mode that effects the whole keyboard with BPM synced note repeats going from granular to 1 bar.

The modwheel-powered Flutter control unleashes the 'fluttering' effect that gives this beauty her name. Wiggle the wheel for instant live jitter/glitch/fluttering effects.

Flutter EP may sound complicated, but she is really quite simple and a quick, intuitive and 'vibey' way of writing complex sounding music with just a few fingers.

What's Inside?
  • 1.7GB (compressed) 24bit stereo samples

  • 120 presets + 58 wavetable snapshots created from 12 imagined electric piano and organ multi sample sets

  • Sample sets made from cunning variations of Hohner Pianet T, Moog Voyager, Nord Modular, Nord Wave, Soulsby Atmegatron, Waldorf Wave XT and DSi Pro2. Recorded through a stereo pair of Warm Audio Tone Beast preamps

  • Macro page -for quick access to master controls of volume envelope, filter, effect sends and tube/transistor distortion.

  • Macro page -instant shape presets for volume envelope and filters

  • Micro page -individual control on a per-note basis of volume envelope, pan, low and high-pass filters and effects sends

  • Micro page (EP) -individual control on a per-note basis of sample start, loop position and loop length

  • Micro/Macro page (Wavetable) -master control of all sample start, loop length, loop start and 5 flutter algorithms

  • Micro page -individual per note trigger settings for BPM synced note repeats

  • Micro page -chaos and order controls for instant parameter randomisation

  • Flutter control - mod wheel hard-wired to unique 'flutter' effect -wiggle it, and you'll soon find out what it does

  • 20 custom reverb convolution impulses

  • RTFM tab -so you can't lose the manual

Flutter EP needs a FULL version of Kontakt 5. Please don't buy this if you are using Kontakt Player.

£35/$55/40€ (inc VAT) for Flutter EP instant download

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