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10 grubby patch contraptions for open source super synth SURGE GT

Probably 20 years ago, SURGE was the first soft synth I ever bought. I tried it and immediately fell in love with its sound and the brilliant and cunning modulation system.

SURGE disappeared for a few years when its developer Claus dropped it to spend more time with his new baby BITWIG , but recently Claus gifted the original code to the lovely people of the Internets, and it has been reborn.


SURGE XT is now bigger and better, and most importantly, it has been released into the wild as a FREE open source project. YES it is FREE ! - You can download it here

FREE SURGE is 10 patch contraptions that showcase what this great synth can do, and come from the heart of the Sound Dust world of sonic malarkey.

"There comes a point on every production when you've done the basics, and now you need something new, interesting, unique and inspiring. So I navigate to my Sound Dust library where time and time again I'm surprised and thrilled by what I find " - Gary Barlow - yes 'that' Gary Barlow !

the contraptions
Each patch has a set of custom macros and modwheel controls that effortlessly morph and wrangle new sounds into the world.
AN EVERYTHING PIANO - must confess this was inspired by that song by well known beat combo Radiohead.
DOT BEAT SEQ - funny little tempo synched beatbox
DROPLETS - sweet and mesmerizing dripping keys
FALLOUT - deep and dirty bass device
FOXED - dirty organ /electric piano wavetable
HISTORIC - electronic strings from a previous century
PEANUT BUTTER SEQ -  aceeeeeed !
PLASTIC TRUMPET - Guinea pigs in the music room
PSYCHOBABBLE - Ego, super-ego and id battle it out
TAHINI SEQ - deep throbs


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