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LOOP POOL: bliss machine


​An infinity of gorgeous guitar texture

288 pitched and synced  guitar loops

50 presets for Kontakt 5 + 6

1 GB total size

Guitars from Mars + time funnel = Bliss

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and/or 6


LOOP POOL : BLISS MACHINE is a gorgeous guitar texture device.

Always synced to the BPM of your DAW, you can intuitively trigger, time slip and morph pitched samples with mod wheel and keyboard to create beautiful cathedrals of sound or raucous chunky riffery .


Super composer/producer/guitarist Andrew Britton built a stunning set of guitar loops for major, minor and single notes in every key. Four version of each are pushed into the LOOP POOL engine that uses modwheel control to morph through synced variations with control of playback speed per layer. Sound Dust couldn't resist and mangled the original loops into the remix versions, which add extra flavour.  Reverse control flips the loops while retaining sync and the notelock control spreads one set of samples across the whole keyboard for stranger mutations.

XY pad has quick control of convolution reverb depth, EQ and tremolo. Pretty much everything can be automated for easy control of complex variations.

'Holy cow ! This is a Fripp/Eno machine, no pussyfooting about it! Most stunning Kontakt thing I've ever laid hands on...'


'Absolutely LOVELY - GENIUS, akin to every other instrument you masterfully create. This one sounds PARTICULARLY amazing to me however - I'm catching immense NIN - The Fragile vibes 😍❤'


Some particularly nice YouTube comments


FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and/or 6 needed

LOOP POOL : BLISS MACHINE will load into Kontakt Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

£50/$58/€70 (inc VAT) for LOOP POOL: BLISS MACHINE instant download

What's Inside ?

LOOP POOL : BLISS MACHINE - the small print

1 GB download

288 guitar loops organized by key and chord type

50 Kontakt instrument (for Kontakt 5.8 and Kontakt 6)

Classic Sound Dust RTFM instruction manual built into interface


Waveform section

  • Mod wheel hardwired to loop group morphing (or use CC1) - all tempo synced

  • Time Funnel - set temp synced playback speed per morph group

  • Offset - adjust start point of every single stem by up to 50%

  • 4 loops per key

  • Real-time waveform display

  • Snap control 1/32 to Bar

  • Master volume control - cc map-able (handy instead of aftertouch for expression)

  • Velocity to volume control

  • Pitch bend depth - from 1 semitone to 12

  • Aftertouch to volume control - for handy expression control

  • Volume attack, decay, sustain and release

  • Forward and reverse play direction

  • Note lock control - spreads last played note across whole keyboard for crazy old school sampling.

  • Remix - altered messed up versions of the original samples

  • Precise readout of XY pad control values

  • Convolution impulse selector - 80 custom-made IR reverbs - 8 categories - 10 impulses per category

XY pad
  • Low and high pass filter

  • Tremolo Designer

  • Convolution reverb - amount dry X - amount wet Y

  • Solid G equalizer - 1 band = 200 Hz to 2.5 kHz- frequency X - gain Y

  • Midi learn triangles - for external controllers to learn XY pucks

  • Tape saturation gain

  • On/off and reset controls per effect (click effect icon)

  • all controls read and write DAW automation

Kontakt 6 version
  • Replika delay - 5 amazing sounding delay machine types

  • 20 Replika delay presets

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