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Building back better from the bottom end

100s of Kicks and Floor Toms

15 drum articulations

15 sequencers

15 algorithm engines

1500+ samples

1GB download

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and above


KICKTOM is based around the simple concept of doing one thing really, really well.

Low end beats, percussive rumble, punch, thump and a bit of thwack. All quickly available at your fingertips with an easy to use but complex BPM synced sequencer engine and 11 algorithmic  playback engines for every single note.

Use KICKTOM to start tracks with a chunky bottom end, or add it to existing pieces for rumbustious low frequencies and clatter.

​From delicate to epic, subtle to stomping, wild to wonky. Build a BPM synced, chunky Funky Drummer or dirty glitter stomp in moments and play it live with a few keys.


building from the bottom

Each articulation has its own GUI, sequencer and algorithmic playback engine,  with a suite of effects for individual sound sculpting.

83 Custom IMPULSE RESPONSES per articulation to create natural and impossible spaces. Hybrid IR's can transform a kick into a cowbell, high hat or tuned piano note. SUB IR's adds tuned sub-bass for extra low end rumble.

'Well, this is worryingly useful. Fortunately, you can do weird stuff as well! Great programming, and it really is very nice to be able to shape the sounds inside the instrument like this. '   a YOUTUBE comment too good not to share


KICK SINE - 808 style kicks - 21 velocity layers

KICKS ELECTRO - 98 FM kicks - 98 velocity layers

ROOM KICK - HARD MALLET - acoustic kick -74 velocity layers

ROOM KICK - SOFT BEATER - the wrong side of an acoustic kick - 94 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - MALLET - 105 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - TEA TOWEL - 128 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - FINGERS - 122 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - SOFT MALLET - 104 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - SHAKER - small wooden shaker balanced on drum skin - 106 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - TAMBOURINE - metal tambourine balanced on drum skin - 86 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - SPRING MIC - kids toy mic balanced on drum - 88 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - BRUSH - one metal jazz brush - 128 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - DOUBLE BRUSH - two metal jazz brushes - 100 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - BROOMSTICK - hard wooden 'brush' - 128 velocity layers

FLOOR TOM - HARD BRUSH - hard plastic 'brush' - 120 velocity layers


FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and/or 6.4.2 needed

KICKTOM will load into Kontakt Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

£40/$55/€48 (inc VAT) for KICKTOM instant download

What's Inside ?

KICKTOM - the small print

1 GB total size - 900 MB download

15 articulations

15 sequencers

15 articulator engines with 11 algorithms

1500 hits

85 snapshots

1 Kontakt instrument

Huge, non-fiddly GUi

Classic Sound Dust RTFM instruction manual built into interface

  • 1 sequencer per note

  • Sequence lanes for velocity, pitch and decay

  • Multiple play rates

  • 1 to 64 steps

  • Swing, drag and humanize controls

  • 1 algorithmic articulator engine per note

  • 11 algorithms

  • Flam, Drag, Ruff, Roll, Buzz, 16ths, 8ths, ALGO 1 to 4

EDIT section PER note
  • Volume

  • Snap

  • Sample start

  • Pan

  • Transient Designer

  • Tape saturation

  • Solid G equalizer - 4 bands

  • Delay

  • Convolution reverb

  • 83 custom IRs per note

  • Categories - Epic, Polite, Device, Reverse, Plate, Spring, FX, SUB

  • FX section can turn a drum into a piano, Rhodes or musical saw

  • SUB section to add tuned sub frequencies

  • Controls for every articulation

  • Volume, Pan, IR mix and Snap

  • Master low and high pass filters

  • Master IR reverb unit

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