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Grand Thrift auto harp²


This is what happens when you mate a tiny autoharp with mighty grand piano

4 articulations

16 Kontakt .nki presets

380mb download

for FULL version of Kontakt 4 or above.

GrandThrift autoHarp² is what happens when you mate a tiny autoharp with a full sized grand piano. She's an impossible hybrid instrument with four different string layers that create unique piano-ish, plucky, autoharpy sounds.

What's Inside ?

  •  4 different sound articulations ; picked autoharp, palm muted autoharp, binaural autoharp and binaural plucked grand piano.

  •  Multi sampled with up to 4 velocity levels per note.

  •  Advanced architecture with automatable control of volume, octave tuning, pan, volume envelope, tremolo and delay per voice.

  •  69 specially created convolution reverb impulses recorded from real spaces, expensive hardware, and some less obvious sources including a Roland Space Echo, Lexicon reverb and the stage of Glyndebourne Opera House.

  •  Leslie effect, cabinet modelling and morphing EQ.

  •  Selectable and adjustable release group.

  •  Round robin sample swapping for extra realism.

  •  Midi timing jitter for even more realism.

  •  19 "starter" presets in Kontakt 4 and 5 formats.

  •  A charming hand drawn manual.

FULL version of Kontakt 4 or above needed.

GTaH² will load into Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

£20/$32/28€ (inc VAT) for Grand Thrift Auto Harp² instant download

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