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DRIFT 004 gobshite_edited.jpg

Deep undertow, endless low and dirty bass throb hybridized from many sexy analogue, digital and acoustic sources.

DRIFT part four - a NEW LOW

11 deeply sampled hybrid articulations

6GB of 24bit multi samples

110  snapshots

42 modular stacks

Wow, flutter & multi throb in abundance

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1and above




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This is the FOURTH instalment of the DRIFT series of instruments.

Simple at the front, complex behind the curtain. The business end is just 4 large knobs:  Grist, ADSR, Morph and Space combine multiple functions for uncomplicated and intuitive sound design.  A minimal interface beneath which lurks a maximalists desire to warp, bend and squash millions of new sounds into the aether.

New features for DRIFT 004...

POLYPHONIC/MONO/LEGATO mode - with portamento and super detuned girth.

Two bipolar ducking modulators that wrangle a single low note into a swelling, writhing behemoth of filthy beat-synced undertow. Tiny changes in depth and pulse width make subtle organic changes, and tempo automation brings pulses to life.

DRIFT 004 is a monstrous splurge of the low sloppy pulse of Haxan Cloak/Bobby Krlic, Ben Frost and Jóhann Jóhannsson, but it also a fantastic source of exotic leads, organic pads and weird keyboards like no other.

the sounds
6Gb of deep hybrid sounds teased from analogue, digital and acoustic sources

EMS VC3, Moog Voyager + Dfam, Waldorf XT, Novation Summit, lots of modular kit inc RYK Vector Wave, Nord G2, lots of pedals, a broken double bass, Hohner Bass, Hammond B3 organ + Leslie, 303 Devil fish clone...

Long evolving samples of every note, multiple velocity layers and unlikely happenings - mod wheel always does something interesting.

What's Inside ?

  • 11 deeply multi sampled complex sounds sources = 6GB

  • 42 modular instrument stacks

  • 110 snapshots

  • polyphonic, monophonic, legato and offset play modes

  • portamento

  • up to 8 voices of detuned girth

  • morph EQ knob with 100 settings

  • morph ADSR knob with 100 settings

  • grist knob for noisy filth

  • 50 custom impulse response reverbs

  • space knob adds IR reverb and goes to 100% wet

  • BPM synced drift control for tape like chaotic wow and flutter

  • 2 x BPM synced bipolar ducking modulators for complex throbbing

  • custom modwheel settings per sound source

  • full automation capability

  • chaos page adds even more unpredictability

  • Handy built in instructions in RTFM page

FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 needed

DRIFT 004 will load into Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player.

£35/$45/€43 (inc VAT) for DRIFT004 instant download

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