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  • ##HOBBES## | sound-dust

    ##HOBBES## £50/$70 sound design drum machine and surprise generator 48 INSTRUMENTS: noises, acoustic drums, electronic drums & 12 basses 48 SEQUENCERS: every note/sound has its own micro sequencer, with 9 available divisions per note midi drag & drop per sequencer key/scale quantise OOOF: sequenced multi effect grime WOOF: sequenced resonant eq in 3 flavours DOOF: sequenced dynamics, saturation and doubling in 3 flavours EBB: sequenced master ducking for FULL version of Kontakt 6.7.1 and above ADD TO CART - 30% 0FF LOOPS of HOBBES - FREE mid This is peak SOUND DUST - ##HOBBES## isn't your ordinary KONTAKT instrument. It is a precision tool and a wild ride. ##HOBBES## is part micro-beat drummer and part commotion-sculpting agent of chaos. ​ A groundbreaking device for inventing your own genres. Deep cinematica, skittering micro ratcheting, crunchy new skool breakbeats, raunchy hyper pop, austere rhythm shadows and beautifully brutalized grind is in there along with the more expected drum machine stuff. ​ Each key is a space for a tiny/vast cosmos of organic sound for you to wrangle into music ​ Four interlocking sound sections : NOISE - ACOUSTIC DRUMS - ELECTRONIC DRUMS - BASS Every note can be externally triggered or use its own built in microsequencer All sounds can be mangled through a complex mulching matrix that is controlled with big knobs and 4 FX sequencers. ​ The more sound you send in, the more unpredictable the sound coming out is. Feed it lots off low end and things can get scary. ​ The large knobs OOOF/DOOF/WOOF and EBB are the alchemy for a quick and organic way to build unexpected beat textures . ​ ##HOBBES## baisc controls ##HOBBES## signal flow THOMAS HOBBES not a nice chap ##HOBBES## baisc controls 1/4 'Curiosity is the lust of the mind' - Thomas Hobbes - nasty piece of work : ) bottom For FULL version of Kontakt 6.7 and above ##HOBBES## will load into Kontakt Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player. ​ £50/$70/€58 (inc VAT) for ##HOBBES## instant download ADD TO CART What's Inside ? ##HOBBES## - the small print 1 Kontakt instrument 50 snapshots 250 single track and sequencer presets over 2000 samples 700MB download 48 instruments 48 note micro sequencers 4 FX sequencers Classic Sound Dust RTFM instruction manual built into the interface MICRO SEQUENCERS multiple play rates 1 to 32 steps Swing, note length and humanize controls 9 note divisions per note midi drag & drop FX SEQUENCERS multiple play rates 1 to 32 steps Swing, length and humanize controls control for OOOF, WOOF, DOOF and EBB effects OOOF 128 levels of tape saturation and general nastiness WOOF 128 presets of 3 band EQ 3 flavours : FLAT, SHARP & FILTER DOOF 128 presets of multi-bus dynamic effects, doubling and saturation 3 flavours : GLUE, MULCH & SMASH EBB sequenced volume ducking CUSTOM IMPULSE RESPONSE 122 custom IRs - pre & post FX 11 Categories - EPIC - POLITE-DEVICE-REVERSE-SPRING-FX-LOW DRONE-MID DRONE-HIGH DRONE-SUB DRONE DRONE sections add tuned drone sounds ​ you might also like these... PLANKTON SONAR More plink with a bit of plonk PLANKTON DRUMMER pitched & tuned drums with intriguing FX sequencing BOOM AND BUST The original pool of cinematic thumping KICKTOM Like it says - kicks and toms : )

  • Hammr B&C | sound-dust

    Hammr Bass & Chords add to cart Developed as part of the HamMR suite with organ supremo Mikey Rowe , Bass & Chords is the 400mb cut down "home keyboard" version of the mighty HamMR+ and the HamMR Growler. This little monster features... ​ The bottom octave of a Mikeys 1959 Hammond B3 played at full tilt through an overloaded full speed Leslie cabinet. 5 x 15 second round robin samples per note from two mic positions. One octave of major chords mapped per note One octave of minor chords mapped per note Adjustable volume, ADSR, pan and vibrato controls per articulation. Overall EQ. Leslie simulator and reverb on chord articulations. A hidden extra.... watch the video for details Works in FULL Kontakt 4 and 5.

  • Cloud Cello | sound-dust

    Cloud cello £35 Cello+ twine × reverb = Cloud Cello ​ Two instrument variations - solo & ensemble versions 1.6GB download 50 themed instrument presets (.nki's) each with mod wheel patch morphing for variation 38 extra patches for Omnisphere 2 using Cloud Cello samples for FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above. add to cart Cloud Cello? Cloud Cello is the big brother (or sister, if you like) of the Cloud Viola . She's a deeply multi sampled hybrid Kontakt sample library created from an ordinary 17th century classical stringed instrument, but played and recorded in an extra-ordinary way. Cloud Cello opens up new orchestral-ish, cinematic tones and textures that sound both familiar and a good way. There are also 38 free Cloud Cello patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 included with the Kontakt version. mid Cloud Cello for Kontakt VST Cloud Cello for Kontakt VST by Sound Dust Cloud Cello for Kontakt VST How to make a Cloud Cello Cloud Cello for Kontakt VST Cloud Cello for Kontakt VST by Sound Dust Cloud Cello for Kontakt VST Cloud Cello for Kontakt VST by Sound Dust 1/6 How? So, you take an unsuspecting cello, remove all the strings except one and place it in a stand. Instead of a conventional bow, use something with a bit more texture and bite - in this case, a ball of coarse garden string sounded best. Stringing a standard bow with garden twine doesn't work, you'd need an impossible 10-metre bow to play a smooth note (I know it's impossible because I tried to make one!). After many experiments and cups of coffee, a retractable dog lead, an elaborate pulley system and a classic vintage fishing reel came to the rescue. This system can hold long lengths of string under tension and be drawn evenly over the cello string to produce a usable tone. Next step is to rig up some suitable mics. A contact mic near the bridge gave good body, and a large diaphragm condenser near the string picked up the 'grist'. Then using a capo for accurate tuning, thousands of passes were recorded to get enough samples for 5 x round robins per note plus conventionally bowed accents and col legno notes for extra flavour. The final step is to form the Clouds by pushing each note 100% wet through a bespoke swirly setting on my Strymon Big Sky reverb pedal, and then do the same thing all over again with a different setting for 200% wetness. What's Inside? Two instrument variations - solo & ensemble versions. 2GB of 24bit samples (uncompressed). 50 themed instrument presets (.nki's) each with mod wheel patch morphing for variation. 38 extra patches for Omnisphere 2 using Cloud Cello samples. Three octave key range - C1 to C4 Seven deeply sampled articulations through eight 'oscillators'. Accented bow: short bowed note with conventional bow. 5 x round-robin per note. Two mic positions- valve condenser and contact mic. Col legno: Latin for 'gently thwacked with the back of the bow'. 5 x round-robin per note. Two mic positions- valve condenser and contact mic. Twine: bowed with 5 meters of green garden string. 5 x round-robin per note, minimum 20 seconds per sample. Two mic positions- valve condenser and contact mic. Hard-wired to CC11 for expression pedal or midi controllers. Dark Cloud: Twine recorded 100% wet reverb-ed through Strymon Big Sky hardware reverb. Playback through Kontakt grain oscillator. Pale Cloud: the Dark Cloud recorded 100% wet reverb-ed through Strymon Big Sky hardware reverb unit, so basically 200% wet! Sub Bass: (ensemble only) Moog Voyager sine bass. Effects per oscillator: tremolo, vibrato, saturation, pitch selection, pan, low-pass filter, high pass filter, reverb and delay. Master output effects: low pass filter, high-pass filter, rotor effect, delay, cabinet modelling and EQ. Master unison control for up to eight voices per note. Velocity to volume amount control. Aftertouch to pitch bend amount control. Aftertouch to filter light/dark control. Advanced architecture with automatable midi control of everything on the interface. 74 specially created convolution reverb impulses recorded from real spaces, expensive hardware, and some less obvious sources including a Roland Space Echo, Strymon Big Sky and the stage of Glyndebourne Opera House. Built in instruction manual in RTFM tab. FULL version of Kontakt 4 or above needed. Cloud Cello will load into Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player. ​ £35/$53/50€ (inc VAT) for Cloud Cello instant download add to cart Cloud Bundle Cloud Cello + Cloud Viola + Cloud Bass (full price £110) ​ £90 (inc VAT) for Cloud Bundle instant download cloud bundle end you might like these... String Pool Beautiful string syncs CLOUD VIOLA 2 Viola+twine x reverb DULCITONIUM A ghostly convolution dulcitone CLOUD BASS Badly abused double bass

  • Prepared Pianet | sound-dust

    Prepared Pianet £30 A plebeian Pianet T : poked, prodded and pampered produces powerful, pleasing and pretty perverse powered pianic possibilities. ​ 3 Kontakt instruments - Prepared Pianet, 3 X Muted Pianets and 3 X Acoustic Pianets 46 instrument snapshots 280mb download for FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above. add to cart Sounds like forgotten out-takes from Bitches Brew sessions discovered after 40 years under a damp blanket at the back of Joe Zawinul’s garage. This little marvel comprises three instrument sets – acoustic, muted and amped. Each set features a number of fully tweakable sounds which can be edited, blended together and given the full Sound Dust treatment to create your own unique Prepared Pianet. As with all Sound Dust instruments the Prepared Pianet is rich with possibility. The audible charms and eccentricities of classic tine and pickup electric pianos are utilised and brought under the control of the player as never before. mid Reminded me of my old Pianet T, which I played through an elderly Selmer 100 watt valve head (turned up to eleven, of course) and a 4x12 speaker cab with a couple of torn cones. The resulting overdrive and feedback blotted out three guitars and drums leaving just me and the bass in a body pummelling groove. I thought that sound was lost in time, but it’s possible once more and at much lower volumes with the Prepared Pianet. Dean- Quietland Prepared Pianet Prepared Pianet - a sample library for Kontakt VST The gubbins Prepared Pianet - a sample library for Kontakt VST- RTFM Prepared Pianet - a sample library for Kontakt VST Prepared Pianet Prepared Pianet - a sample library for Kontakt VST The gubbins 1/5 All sounds were carefully sampled from the source instrument, a Hohner Pianet T, using three techniques; Very close mic-ed for acoustic harmonics and dissonance, muted with a finger placed delicately on each tine for a thumb piano feel, and through high quality pre-amps. As with other Sound Dust instruments the results can be thought of as a self-contained orchestra of the surreal. The Prepared Pianet offers superb standard electric pianos and heavily processed tines. Stratospheric pads are under-laid with electronic tweets and chatter. Played lower down the scale, a muted piano becomes an unstable electro bass. Whacked out opportunities abound, from evolving electronics, snappy acoustics and indescribable musical tones and frequencies. The percussive blasts and tinkling subtleties which can be achieved inspire the imagination. Whats Inside ? Acoustic Pianet - very tricky to record because these things are very quiet - 6 velocity layers of close mic-ed tines Muted Pianet - a delicate finger laid expertly on each tine and recorded through a Warm Audio Tone Beast preamp - 6 velocity layers Amped Pianet - nice long resonant notes, clean or amped - 4 velocity layers Individual controls for octave, volume, sample start, pan, stereo width, attack curve, ADSR, vibrato and reverb send per pianet 960 24bit mono samples = 280mb with Native Instruments' propriety compression 24 custom convolution reverbs per piano 4 fully controllable instrument effects - chorus, rotor, phaser and master algorithmic reverb Master FX page - master EQ, tape and valve modelling plus transient designer Keyboard Velocity and Round Robin modelling page 3 Kontakt instruments - Prepared Pianet, 3 X Muted Pianets and 3 X Acoustic Pianets 46 instrument snapshots Handy build in instructions in RTFM page FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above needed. Prepared Pianet will load into Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player. ​ £30/$43/38€ (inc VAT) for Prepared Pianet instant download add to cart end you might like these... Ships Piano Portable piano for a ship and some friends Sponge Piano Wonky and woody DULCITONIUM A convolution dulcitone. Flutter EP Wavetable-ish electric piano

  • Tiny Chaos Engine #2 | sound-dust

    Tiny Chaos Engine #2 - Evolved add to cart A tiny but perfectly formed free version of the Modular Chaos Engine #2 . Instead of 1106 samples you get 24, but it still sounds pretty good ​ features include.. the Chaos button for instant randomisation the Order button for an instant return to normality comprehensive editing with quick edit system 12 sample engines with individual articulation control 12 sequence engines with algorithmic looping controller the hybrid analog sounds of a beautiful blue synth built in manual ​ Tiny Chaos Engine will play nicely with FULL Kontakt 4 and 5.

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  • REKOMBINATOR3 | sound-dust

    REKOMBINATOR III 25% OFF = £27 inc VAT The next generation granular sample recycler for Kontakt expertly conjured by SOUND DUST friend SzCz for FULL version of KONTAKT 6 and above ADD TO CART A welcome return to a granular leviathan from the brilliant mind of SOUND DUST buddy SzCz. Back in the day, we helped release the original version of SzCz's very crafty granular gadget - and with the new version it just got even better ! ​ ReKombinator III is an upgraded version with the same powerful playback engine and sample pool with the addition of advanced modulator, effects sections, and support for sample drag'n'drop. It may look daunting, but with a bit of effort ReKombinator III is capable of amazing results that defy gravity, and the time space continuum. ​ SzCz himself explains all in the video talk through above. mid 1/5 bottom For FULL version of Kontakt 6 or above 25% OFF = £27/$34.50/€31.50 (inc VAT) for ReKombinator III instant download ADD TO CART Super powerful dual granular engine 190 Snapshots included 178 Waveforms to get you started Drag n Drop your own samples into each engine for unlimited sound design possibilities Created for the FULL version Kontakt 6.6.1 or above (not for Kontakt Player)* Dedicated pages for Waveforms, Filters, Effects, Space and Modulation Sample browser window Sample audition Speed, Position, Blur, Density, Shape, Size, Scanning Speed, Pitch and Volume controls for each grain Latch control Powerful modulation with step sequencer Dozens of filter types to choose from 4 Effects slots with 20 effects to choose from Effects presets section (load, save and edit presets) Convolution reverb section with 100+ reverbs to choose from and randomisation control you might also like these... GHOST DROP More granular malarkey PLANKTON Gorgeous wibble wobble FOUND A found sound drum machine INFUNDIBULUM #1.1 A time funnel

  • CLUSTER for ZEBRA 2 | sound-dust

    CLUSTER for ZEBRA2 £35 246 inspiring patches for Zebra 2 wrapped up in a bespoke Sound Dust skin + 6.7GB of sampled loops & a granular Kontakt player for U-HE ZEBRA 2 VST U-He's Zebra 2 is a powerful semi modular soft synth with almost too many sonic possibilities under its hood. ​ CLUSTER is a collection of 246 presets made from a series of radically different synth architectures each pushed to its limits to produce small families of amazing sounds. Stunningly beautiful slow organic pads, deep complex basses, chaotic and viscous throbs, FM and analogue drum kits, dusty modelled keyboards, warped alien leads, glorious dissonant evolutions and arps a plenty. ​ CLUSTER isn't aimed at any specific genre - although it does carry the strange and beautiful Sound Dust dna of other instrument designs - CLUSTER is earfruit intended to trigger and inspire new musical thoughts and sonic inventions. But if you don't own Zebra 2 you can still enjoy the joys of CLUSTERing with the massive CLUSTER earfruits loop pack. Over 2000 tempo synced loops and one-shots sampled from the Zebra engine. These are really handy to drop into your DAW of choice or into the bespoke Kontakt earfruits engine. mid Raborn Johnson reviews Cluster Bundle for SAMPLE LIBRARY REVIEW “If you’re tired of run-of-the-mill synth sounds, Cluster might be just what you’re looking for. I guarantee you have never heard presets that sound like these. “Unique” doesn’t even begin to describe what’s beneath this hood.” Sample Library Review Cluster Sample Library Review Cluster for Zebra2 VST Cluster for Zebra2 VST Cluster for Kontakt VST Cluster for Kontakt VST Sample Library Review Cluster Sample Library Review 1/7 Whats Inside ? CLUSTER for ZEBRA 2 bespoke Sound Dust skin 246 themed presets - bass, chaos, drum machine, dust, keys, low, slow, solo, throb plus arp variations 4 XY pad controllers per preset aftertouch (AT) and mod wheel (MW) functionality per preset handy and informative patch notes ​ ​ CLUSTER earfruits ​ 6.7GB of 24bit/44.1khz .wav samples 1600 themed loops - chromatically sampled C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C with BPM information 400ish one shot drum hits - kicks, snares, hats and percussion super-dooper earfruits Kontakt player down you might like these TOO... FRICTION for DIVA Dirty virtual analogue UNTOPIA Omnisphere wonk String Pool Organic violin-ing ODDular Modular oddulation and an EMS PUTNEY

  • Rubber Bass 2 | sound-dust

    RUBBER BASS £20 Kala Ukelele bass - robust, with a lovely rubbery bottom ​ 8 randomised round robins per note 145MB download handy arpeggiator for FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 or above add to cart Rubber Bass 2 is sampled from a funny little Kala ukulele bass. It's about the size of a kid's guitar and has big fat rubber strings which are a nightmare to tune. ​ It's not very loud acoustically but when DI'd it has a wonderful round, rubbery bottom end with a lovely hint of twang which belies its tiny stature. It's a little bit double bassy with a hint of P Bass, but essentially it has a character all of its own. mid Rubber Bass 2 Rubber Bass 2 1/1 down Whats Inside ? 8 randomised round robins per note 145MB download Fingered ( velocity 0-119) and Picked (velocity 120-127) articulations Full range of all 4 strings sampled Humanized ARP/sequencer Transient, Tape, Amp and Cabinet modelling. 3 band EQ a hint of Room reverb everything is automatable requires FULL Kontakt 5.8.1 FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above needed RUBBER BASS will load into Kontakt Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player. ​ £20/$30/25€ (inc VAT) for RUBBER BASS instant download add to cart you might like these TOO... Sponge Bass Pure Hofner bass thud Sponge Piano Sponge + thumb + piano = Sponge Piano Ships Piano 3 Scott of the Antarctics piano, and some friends Orgone 2 Very low ebbings

  • UNTOPIA | sound-dust

    UNTOPIA £35 Welcome to UNTOPIA ​ 200 patches and 80 specially devised new sound sources for Omnisphere 2 for Spectrasonics OMNISPHERE 2 add to cart Untopia is born from a boisterous mix of influences. The darkly industrial but uplifting soundscapes created by Factory records producer Martin Hannett for Joy Division and A Certain Ratio are in there. So are the madly brilliant and brilliantly mad Christobal Tapia de Veer soundtracks for Utopia, National Treasure, the Girl with all the Gifts and Dirk Gently. All thrown around with a good measure of cosmic hippy wig out Terry Riley vibes, some Jon Hassell/Brian Eno Fourth World aesthetics and the grubby wonderment that makes Sound Dust, you know, Sound Dusty. Expect strange disjointed and alluring voices, grainy strings, finely sculpted noise scapes, organic grit and grime, slurring mellotrons, drunken string machines, bent synths, amped keys turned to 11, low ebbing throbs and a healthy selection of other beatific cathedral of sound oddities. "There comes a point on every production when you've done the basics and now you need something new, interesting, unique and inspiring. So I navigate to my Sound Dust library where time and time again I'm surprised and thrilled by what I find " - Gary Barlow - yes 'that' Gary Barlow ! ​ "I love it! Went straight into a soundtrack I'm working on" - Paul Hartnoll - Orbital ​ "This is just what Omnisphere has been waiting for" - Phil Hartnoll - Orbital ​ 1/2 mid Philosphy... Omnisphere is a lot like a sampler from the early days of sampling. She can happily loop around pre-written loop points, but for user samples* she can't do multi sampling. Instead of each note having its own sample to play back at several velocities, one sample is stretched over the whole keyboard. Higher notes are simply played back at faster rates, lower notes are slower. This means that looping samples move at different rates across the range of the instrument. This is terrible if you are looking for accurate renditions of real world instruments, but if you embrace it this can be a joyful playground of creative happenstance. Sound Dust is a big believer in creative happenstance. ​ * do not fear, this doesn't apply to the core omnisphere library (although it does for some of it) £35.00 for Untopia instant download. Needs Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 add to cart What's Inside ? 200 new patches, fully databased and for easy access prefixed with usefully untopian categories... ​ ARCANA – generally vocal based sounds that refer specifically to the work of Cristobal Tapia de Veer BLOW – windy gems BOW – real strings, well they were real once BPM – use the arpegiator or envelopes for beat synced mayhem DMX – drum machines DST – noisy distortion based sounds GTR – yup, guitars HIT – single thuds and thumps KEY – things made into polyphonic keyboardy things LOW – big bottoms ODD – useful but unlikely and hard to categorise ORG – organs and organic organ like organs PAD – big pads SCAPE – interesting noise/soundscapes SLOW – long slooow builders SM – string machines THROB – beat synced throbbing TRON – mellotron style pseudo instruments VOX – human and other voices ​ All patches will have something cunning mapped to both Aftertouch and Mod Wheel, and are intended to be as expressive and malleable as something made out of zeros & ones can possibly be. ​ 80 new sounds... Made from a variety of sources and fed into the Omnisphere core sound library - Roland Juno 60, Oberheim Xpander, Dsi Pro 2, Moog Voyager, Nord Wave, Yamaha TQ5, Technics WSA1, Nord Drum, Hofner Bass, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Mandolin, Plastic Trumpet, Recorder, Whirly Tubes, Modular System including Waldorf NW1, Mutable Instruments Braids and Music Thing Radio Music, two human lady voices, one male voice and uncontrollable robot chatter. you might like these... PMC Because Post Modernism is so last century Friction Just as dystopian - but for U-He Diva LOST & FOUND Here it is ! Cluster Oblique stratagems for U-He Zebra 2 bottom

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