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  • EVERYTHING | sound-dust

    Sample libraries for Kontakt and beyond SPONGE PIANO 2 PIANO + SPONGE Infundibulum#2.1 Audio patina FELT DULCITONE Ancient glorious thonk PLANKTON SEQUENCER Play sequencers like an instrument DRIFT002 Maximal minimalism DULCITONE 1900 If Keira Knightly was an ancient keyboard Modular Chaos Engine #1.1 Found sound drum machine PLANKTON Systems tinkle for Kontakt GHOSTDROP Granular FSU for KONTAKT6 DRIFT001 Minimal but maximal BLISS MACHINE Guitars from mars Chaos Engine#4 Steel Drum Percussion Room KICKTOM Big bottoms for Kontakt PLASTIC GHOST PIANO#2 A convolved piano modeller INFUNDIBULUM#1.1 Gorgeous time funnel SHIPS PIANO 3 3 character pianos in one SYNTHFUNDIBULUM#3 7 rare soviet synths in an Infundibulum ODDular Extreme modulation and a polyphonic EMS Putney VCS3 TABLE of ELEMENTS A periodic table of sound LOOP POOL - Percussion An infinity of eccentric percussion GHOST in the MACHINE A free Kontakt instrument made from noise and ghosts CLOUD BASS Double bass × garden twine ÷ √ (sub bass + reverb) = CLOUD BASS BOOM & BUST V2 LOOP POOL : morphing modern cinematica FLUTTER DUST Acoustic wavetable delights FRICTION for DIVA Post punk synths DULCITONIUM Convolution ghosts of ancient keys SAXOMAPHONIUM sax + ancient pumped air = saxomaphonium ORGONE 2 Strange organ synth crossover CHOIR POOL Morphing Choir Bots String Pool Tempo synced violin undulations PENDLEONIUM 4 Woozy guitarish throbbing Prepared Pianet Electric piano with and without electricty HAMMR+ Re-inventing the (tone) wheel CLOUD CELLO Cello + twine x reverb CLOUD VIOLA 2 Cunning grainular viola Rubber Bass 2 Tiny Kala Ukelele bass with huge rubbery sound Sponge Bass Hofner President bass + flatwound strings x bathroom sponge = Sponge Bass FLUTTER EP Wavetabled electronic piano GrandThrift AH Tiny auto harp + mighty grand piano Dulcitone 1884² Rare and beautiful missionary keyboard TinyBinauralHarpsichord³ Baroque and roll Hammr Growler Full tilt Hammond beastie Modular Chaos Engine #2 Evolved - electronic drum machine Chaos Engine#3 OddHop - odd drum machine gadget CLUSTER for ZEBRA 2 Modular vst mayhem UNTOPIA Post punk synths for Omnisphere 2 PMC Dangerous throbbing for Omnisphere 2 Lost and Found Sound Dust vs The Unfinished - for Omnisphere middle down

  • REKOMBINATOR3 | sound-dust

    REKOMBINATOR III 25% OFF = £27 inc VAT The next generation granular sample recycler for Kontakt expertly conjured by SOUND DUST friend SzCz for FULL version of KONTAKT 6 and above ADD TO CART A welcome return to a granular leviathan from the brilliant mind of SOUND DUST buddy SzCz. Back in the day, we helped release the original version of SzCz's very crafty granular gadget - and with the new version it just got even better ! ​ ReKombinator III is an upgraded version with the same powerful playback engine and sample pool with the addition of advanced modulator, effects sections, and support for sample drag'n'drop. It may look daunting, but with a bit of effort ReKombinator III is capable of amazing results that defy gravity, and the time space continuum. ​ SzCz himself explains all in the video talk through above. mid 1/5 bottom For FULL version of Kontakt 6 or above 25% OFF = £27/$34.50/€31.50 (inc VAT) for ReKombinator III instant download ADD TO CART Super powerful dual granular engine 190 Snapshots included 178 Waveforms to get you started Drag n Drop your own samples into each engine for unlimited sound design possibilities Created for the FULL version Kontakt 6.6.1 or above (not for Kontakt Player)* Dedicated pages for Waveforms, Filters, Effects, Space and Modulation Sample browser window Sample audition Speed, Position, Blur, Density, Shape, Size, Scanning Speed, Pitch and Volume controls for each grain Latch control Powerful modulation with step sequencer Dozens of filter types to choose from 4 Effects slots with 20 effects to choose from Effects presets section (load, save and edit presets) Convolution reverb section with 100+ reverbs to choose from and randomisation control you might also like these... GHOST DROP More granular malarkey PLANKTON Gorgeous wibble wobble FOUND A found sound drum machine INFUNDIBULUM #1.1 A time funnel

  • Beautiful noises for Kontakt and beyond | Sound Dust

    STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL SOUNDS FOR YOUR STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL MUSIC RECENT instruments SPONGE PIANO2 sponge + thumb x piano FELT DULCITONE glorious thonk and clunk a sequencer you can play like an instrument DRIFT002 maximal minimalism PLANKTON Systems tinkles for Kontakt GHOSTDROP What no samples ?! DRIFT001 Minimal but maximal Infundibulm#2.1 the audio patina of a life well lived SEE MORE end KIND WORDS FROM COOL PEOPLE 'Sound Dust makes one of the strongest arguments for the sampler as a true, expressive instrument. The care, creativity, quirkiness & MUSICALITY found in all their instruments has led to many inspiring moments for me. Highly recommended.' TRENT REZNOR - Nine Inch Nails, The Social Network, Gone Girl, Mid90s, Watchmen

  • GHOST DROP | sound-dust

    GHOSTDROP £20 Granular drag and drop sample malarkey A sample device with no samples for FULL version of Kontakt 6 ADD TO CART GRANULAR DRAG AND DROP SAMPLE fsu* GADGET The adult version of popular freebie GRAINSTRUMENT LITE. GHOSTDROP is a handy little gadget for KONTAKT6 that joyfully makes new sounds out of unlikely sources. Simply grab any sample from your hard-drive or DAW and drag it into the interface - you can even use .ncw compressed files from your other Sound Dust libraries. GHOSTDROP detects pitch (if there is one) and maps the sample accordingly, and with the pucks you can stretch and mangle anything you drop in to discover something entirely new hiding in there. * fuck stuff up mid 1/3 bottom For FULL version of Kontakt 6 ​ £20/$30/€25 (inc VAT) for GHOST DROP instant download ADD TO CART GHOST DROP features drag and drop most sample formats directly into interface granular sample engine auto-pitch detection manual pitch adjustment loop mode one -shot mode loop/sample start adjustment loop length adjustment volume ADSR sample reset ModWheel > tremolo Aftertouch > tape XY PAD 4 puck controllers with value read out sample playback speed/grain size reverb mix/size low pass/high pass filter peak EQ/gain you might also like these... FOUND A found sound drum machine BOOM AND BUST The original pool of cinematic thumping INFUNDIBULUM #1.1 More time funnel - but different LOOP POOL - Percussion_square Plenty of Bam & Tschak

  • FREE SURGE | sound-dust

    FREE SURGE £FREE 10 grubby patch contraptions for open source super synth SURGE GT SURGE ME Probably 20 years ago, SURGE was the first soft synth I ever bought. I tried it and immediately fell in love with its sound and the brilliant and cunning modulation system. ​ SURGE disappeared for a few years when its developer Claus dropped it to spend more time with his new baby BITWIG , but recently Claus gifted the original code to the lovely people of the Inter nets, and it has been reborn. SURGE XT is now bigger and better, and most importantly, it has been released into the wild as a FREE open source project. YES it is FREE ! - You can download it here ​ FREE SURGE is 10 patch contraptions that showcase what this great synth can do, and come from the heart of the Sound Dust world of sonic malarkey. "There comes a point on every production when you've done the basics, and now you need something new, interesting, unique and inspiring. So I navigate to my Sound Dust library where time and time again I'm surprised and thrilled by what I find " - Gary Barlow - yes 'that' Gary Barlow ! Table of Elements for Spectrasonics Omnisphere Table of Elements for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1/1 mid the contraptions Each patch has a set of custom macros and modwheel controls that effortlessly morph and wrangle new sounds into the world. ​ AN EVERYTHING PIANO - must confess this was inspired by that song by well known beat combo Radiohead. DOT BEAT SEQ - funny little tempo synched beatbox DROPLETS - sweet and mesmerizing dripping keys FALLOUT - deep and dirty bass device FOXED - dirty organ /electric piano wavetable HISTORIC - electronic strings from a previous century PEANUT BUTTER SEQ - aceeeeeed ! PLASTIC TRUMPET - Guinea pigs in the music room PSYCHOBABBLE - Ego, super-ego and id battle it out TAHINI SEQ - deep throbs FREE SURGE FOR SURGE GT surge me bottom

  • TABLE of ELEMENTS | sound-dust

    TABLE of ELEMENTS £35 A Periodic Table of sound An evocative custom sound for every element - rich malleable pads for ecstatic drama and gorgeous tension 119 elemental patches 60 compound multis ​ for SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2 ​ add to cart We follow the science Table of Elements is an innovative approach to Omnisphere sound design. Every patch is a sonic re-creation of an element of the periodic table. Each a complex and unique texture with movement and rich sonic character that can evolve with modwheel and aftertouch manipulation. A palette of beautiful, undulating, chilling, ecstatic, lustrous, warm, squashed, diaphanous pads that go from inspirational minimal ambience to full-blown cinematic opulence. Long evolving notes move and swell with serpentine tempo synced motion that ebbs and flows with your music. Table of Elements is an (in)organic symphony of ear fruit - a catalyst for your creativity. And you might learn a bit about chemistry too. "There comes a point on every production when you've done the basics, and now you need something new, interesting, unique and inspiring. So I navigate to my Sound Dust library where time and time again I'm surprised and thrilled by what I find " - Gary Barlow - yes 'that' Gary Barlow ! Fermium Fm Table of Elements for Spectrasonics Omnisphere Argon Ar Table of Elements for Spectrasonics Omnisphere Untopia review Fermium Fm Table of Elements for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1/5 mid The periodic table of elements, is essentially an infographic that cleverly displays all the chemical elements , which are arranged by atomic number , electron configuration , and recurring chemical properties . Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev published the first recognizable table in 1869, developed mainly to illustrate periodic trends of the then-known elements. He also predicted some properties of unidentified elements that were expected to fill gaps within the table. Most of his forecasts soon proved to be correct, culminating with the discovery of gallium and germanium in 1875 and 1886 respectively. ​TABLE of ELEMENTS instant download £35 requires Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 add to cart What's Inside ? 119 elemental patches, fully databased and for easy access prefixed with usefully Mendelevium categories... ​ ACTINIDE – radioactive : beautiful, volatile and maybe a bit scary ALKALI METAL – reaction with water forms alkalies : mysterious and liquid ALKALINE EARTH METAL – second most reactive : cold, austere, unstable LANTHANIDE – silver-coloured metals : deep, complex, lustrous METALLOID – between metals and non-metal : quixotic, surprising NOBLE GAS – odourless, colourless, unreactive : light, amorphous, gassy NON-METAL – do not produce heat or electricity and are structurally brittle : pulsating, rich, frangible POST TRANSITIONAL METAL– AKA the poor metals : spiteful, agile, naive TRANSITIONAL METAL –the largest group in the table : a bit of everything 60 compound multis - a combination of elemental patches that create gorgeous and complex sounds - eg H2O (hydrogen and oxygen) All patches will have something cunning mapped to both Aftertouch and Mod Wheel, and are intended to be as expressive and malleable as something made from zeros & ones can possibly be. ​ you might like these... Untopia for Omnisphere Dank and delicious post punk synths PMC Because Post Modernism is so last century LOST & FOUND Here it is ! Cluster Oblique stratagems for U-He Zebra 2 bottom

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