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Show some love to the imperfect pianos - UP TO 40% OFF

ships piano 3


40% OFF

Scott of the Antartic's favourite


40% OFF

Convolution piano made of plastic and ghosts

SPONGE PIANO2_K6 virtuoso square 2 .png


40% OFF

Sponge + thumb = sponge piano

In honour of the forthcoming WORLD PIANO DAY it seems only fair to also celebrate the awkward and imperfect characters of the piano world. So, we declare this day - 28th March 2023 to be WONKY PIANO DAY.

To recognize this entirely artificial, but no less important date, for today only get 40% off SHIPS PIANO3, PLASTIC GHOST PIANO, and SPONGE PIANO4

The hugely talented Pierre-Augustin Vallin has composed a beautiful Wonky Piano Day theme using only Ships Piano3.

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