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25% OFF = £27 inc VAT

The next generation granular sample recycler for Kontakt expertly conjured by SOUND DUST friend SzCz

for FULL version of KONTAKT 6 and above

A welcome return to a granular leviathan from the brilliant mind of SOUND DUST buddy SzCz.

Back in the day, we helped release the original version of SzCz's very crafty granular gadget - and with the new version it just got even better !

ReKombinator III is an upgraded version with the same powerful playback engine and sample pool with the addition of advanced modulator, effects sections, and support for sample drag'n'drop. It may look daunting, but with a bit of effort ReKombinator III is capable of amazing results that defy gravity, and the time space continuum.

SzCz himself explains all in the video talk through above.


For FULL version of Kontakt 6 or above

25% OFF = £27/$34.50/€31.50 (inc VAT) for ReKombinator III instant download

  • Super powerful dual granular engine

  • 190 Snapshots included

  • 178 Waveforms to get you started

  • Drag n Drop your own samples into each engine for unlimited sound design possibilities

  • Created for the FULL version Kontakt 6.6.1 or above (not for Kontakt Player)*

  • Dedicated pages for Waveforms, Filters, Effects, Space and Modulation

  • Sample browser window

  • Sample audition

  • Speed, Position, Blur, Density, Shape, Size, Scanning Speed, Pitch and Volume controls for each grain

  • Latch control

  • Powerful modulation with step sequencer

  • Dozens of filter types to choose from

  • 4 Effects slots with 20 effects to choose from

  • Effects presets section (load, save and edit presets)

  • Convolution reverb section with 100+ reverbs to choose from and randomisation control

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