Modular Chaos Engine#3-OddHop


She's a quirky, wonky Kontakt drum device built for quickly and elegantly disappearing down a rhythmic rabbit hole.

700+ original 24bit samples (see box for sources)

for FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above.

OddHop is packed to the gills with 100's of original acoustic and electronic sounds arranged into 5 octaves of one-shot kits with plenty of control for an infinity of sound design and beat making possibilities. Things get really exciting when you use the drum and bass sequencing engines, each with twelve tracks of draw-able per note control over nine parameters.

Whats Inside ?
  • Drum Engine page - 12 user programmable, key triggered patterns with 12 tracks per pattern. Up to 62 sounds available per note.

  • Bass Engine page - 12 user programmable, key triggered patterns with 12 tracks per pattern. 15 sounds available per note.

  • One Shot Kit page -5 octaves of programmable one shot kits with chaos and order parameter randomisation control.

  • Sends and Master FX page - control of master levels , master EQ and Transient designer.

  • 700+ original 24bit samples (see box for sources).

  • Instrument presets (.nki's) for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5.

  • 2 Vintage sampler emulation preset modes  (K5 only).

  • Drum/Bass Engines - drawable, per note control of: sound selection, volume, reverb send, hold time, low pass filter, pan, sample start, tune, compression.

  • Drum/Bass Engines - sound selection chaos control.

  • Drum/Bass Engines - timing chaos control.

  • Drum/Bass Engines - 'remix' control with 32 loop variations.

  • Drum/Bass Engines - 16 or 32 beats per track selection.

  • Drum/Bass Engines - solo & mute per sound.

  • Drum/Bass Engines - copy/paste of patterns & tracks.

  • Swing amount control for extra hippity hoppity.

  • One Shot Kits - individually editable note articulations with jitter, release, flam, drag, ruff, roll, muted, speed roll & Geiger settings

  • One Shot Kits - per note control of reverb send, pitch, high & low pass filters, volume attack & decay, volume & pan.

  • Built in instruction manual in RTFM tab.

OddHop#3 needs a FULL version of Kontakt 5. Please don't buy this if you are using Kontakt Player.

£25/$40/35€ (inc VAT) for OddHop#3 instant download.

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Modular Chaos Engine #3 - a odd drum machine for Kontakt VST